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About Estrada Pro Moving

Welcome to Estrada Pro Moving: The best moving company offering its services for more than 15 years

Fast and Reliable

We value your time as much as you do – that's why we ensure a seamless and punctual relocation experience tailored to your needs. Our dedicated team guarantees the safe and timely transport of your possessions every step of the way. Trust us to make your move stress-free and efficient.

We Take Care of you Valuables as Ours

As a family-oriented company, we deeply understand that your belongings hold sentimental value beyond monetary worth. Your cherished possessions matter to us, and we handle them with the utmost care. Trust our moving company to treat your items with the respect they deserve.

We Move You on Your Budget

We acknowledge that moving often comes with financial pressures. Rest assured, we offer competitive pricing to alleviate the financial stress associated with relocation. Let us help make your move a reality without breaking the bank. Trust our moving company to provide affordable solutions tailored to your budget.

Moving with Heart: Our Family's Professional Approach to Exceptional Service

Founded in November 2020, our company brings over 15 years of expertise in the moving service industry, backed by comprehensive insurance coverage for your valuable possessions.

About Us:

We are a Cuban family deeply attuned to the needs and aspirations of our clients. With a solid foundation of 15 years in customer service, we uphold the highest standards in moving solutions.

Whether you’re relocating down the street, across town, to another city, or even a different state, our family is dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional moving services every step of the way.

Our Founder’s Journey:

Nearly two decades ago, I encountered a similar problem following a negative experience with a moving company that left a lasting impact. This encounter inspired me to establish my own moving company, a venture born out of a desire to redefine industry standards. Perhaps you’ve heard of us.

A Path to Improvement:

Embarking on this entrepreneurial journey was modest yet transformative. It took two years to turn a profit, and nearly three years before receiving a substantial paycheck.

However, our fortunes shifted with the introduction of the renowned Salary Improvement Plan. This innovative approach revolutionized our company’s trajectory within the moving industry by placing client needs at the forefront, a stark contrast to competitors who seemed indifferent to customer requirements.

This same principle resonates today, as we believe our unique compensation plan can address industry challenges prevalent 20 years ago, shaping the future of the moving sector for the better.